Note: PB = planter bag size  

60 Earthsea Rise, Matapouri Bay, RD3 Whangarei 0173


Some of the plants have a photo. Please click on the link to see the image and use the back button of your browser to return to this page. Last updated March 13, 2016
Agapanthus - Dusky Blue Fully deciduous, soft mauve-blue. Good form. Unusual. Seedless sterile hybrid. (NB: large forms of Agapanthus are prohibited in Auckland area). 1m   5 $8.00
Agapanthus inapertus- "Stormcloud" Tall, deep purple/indigo flowers. Very striking accent. Produces very few viable seed. (NB: large forms of Agapanthus are prohibited in Auckland area). 1.8m   5 $8.00
Agapanthus - Streamline Dwarf, light blue flowers from June to February. Very few fertile seed produced. 40cm   12cm $4.00
Acokanthera oblongifolia African Wintersweet. Waxy red leaves. Scented Daphne-like flowers. Poisonous sap used in Africa to poison arrows. 1.2m 1m 8 $20.00
Alocasia cucullata Small-leafed species taro with crinkled heart-shaped lvs from New Guinea Highlands. Sometimes sold as "Jade Millie". Hardy down to zero celsius. Looks good all year. 90cm 1m 5 $15.00
Alocasia gageana Alocasia "California Shield". The hardiest of ornamental taro. Do not spread by stolons like Colocasias. Very handsome large taro, bright green shield-shaped lvs with distinctive scalloped margins. Evergreen in warmer areas. 1m 1m 5 $15.00
Alocasia macrorrhiza rubra Elephant Ear Lily. Big dark green shiny leaves, dark speckled stems. Very handsome understorey plant. 1.2m 1.5m 8 $15.00
Aloe bainesii Tree Aloe (Aloe barberae). Stately chunky small tree to 5m. Salmon pink winter flowers. Very hardy. 5m 3m 8 $20.00
Aloe dichotoma Slender tree Aloe. Snake-skin bark. Very elegant. Needs loose dry soil and warmth with dry winters. 2.5m 1m 8 $20.00
Aloe speciosa Sculptural small tree. Grey-green. Creamy bark. Spectacular red fls late Winter. 2m 1m 8 $15.00
Amorphophallus konjac 'Konyakku' or 'Konjac'. Large edible, deciduous woodland aroid. Spectacular huge purple lily flower. Lacy unusual leaf. Smells bad in bloom! 1m   2 15.00
Ananas bracteatus Red pineapple. A hardy red-skinned pineapple.. turns yellow when ripe. Will grow outdoors in NZ in a warm spot. A prickly-leafed form is hardier than the smooth-leafed one. We have both available.     5 $20.00
Archontophoenix alexandrae King Palm. Alexandra palm. Handsome rainforest palm. Whitish undersides, broader leaflets than bangalow. 1.5m now 12m   12 $35.00
Ardisia crenata Small woodland shrub. Japan. Vivid red berries. Shade. Available again in Autumn 2012 80cm 40cm 5 $12.50
Asimina triloba American 'pawpaw' tree. Sweet soft fleshed fruit related to cherimoya with banana/custard apple flavour. Hardy throughout NZ. Small deciduous bushy tree. Sold out till autumn 2016 3m 2m 5 $20.00
The tree
Almost ripe
Banana - Australian Ladyfinger Very sweet small fruit. Tall, hardy. Productive in Northern NZ. 5m   12 $20.00
Banana - Basjoo Japanese fibre banana. Vigorous big clumping plant. Extremely cold tolerant (Christchurch!). Inedible fruit. 5m   5 $20.00
Banana - Cavendish Dwarf Short chunky plant. Slender curved fruit, tasty. Tender, needs best shelter and warmth. Much better in hothouse conditions. 2.5m   12 $20.00
Banana - Grande Naine "Israel" Stocky productive plant with larger fruit, 15 - 18cm developed for commercial plantations in Israel. Very good flavour. Needs very warm sun-trap position to thrive in NZ. 3m   8 $20.00
Banana - Cavendish Super Dwarf New extreme dwarf banana. Handsome, broad short leaves. Will fruit in very warm spot. Pic shows almost mature plant with 'Jack Russell', the Jack Russell in barrow! 1m   8 $20.00
Banana - Goldfinger New Honduran hybrid. Very sweet, tangy, curved fruit. Hardy and robust. Best flavour of all. Black stem, broad leaves. 3m   8 $30.00
2nd image
Banana - Mahoi Double Cavendish banana. Two bunches per stem. Otherwise the same as Cavendish dwarf. 2m   5 $20.00
Banana - Misi Luki Huge bunches, medium, fat fruit. Creamy & sweet. From Samoa. Hardy in Northern NZ. 4m   12 $30.00
Banana - Mon Mari Larger cavendish type. Bigger fruit. Very good flavour. Best in hothouse. 3m   12 $20.00
Banana - Pineapple ladyfinger Tall, hardy. Small tangy fruit. Great flav. Tonga. 5m   12 $25.00
Banana - Musa sikkimensis

Tall hardy species. Handsome red-splashed leaves. Hardy. Seedy fruit.

4 - 5m   8 $20.00
Banana - Musa coccinea Vivid red flower over many months. Ornamental slender species from Burma. Tender. 2m   8 $20.00
Banana - Musa ensete Abyssinian ornamental banana. Green, red midrib, big & hardy. 5m 4m 8 $15.00
Banana - Musa ensete maurelii Deep red Abyssinian type. Dramatic colour/form. 4m 3m 8 $20.00
Banana - Musa mannii Colourful ornamental flowering banana. 2.5m   8 $15.00
Banana - Musa velutina Vivid pink upright flowers & fruit. Small, ornamental, hardy.Sold out till summer. 2m   8 $18.00
Banana - Musa zebrina Burmese Blood Banana. Red/chestnut splashed leaves. Striking. Clumping. Petite elegant form. Needs good shelter and warmth. 1.5m   5 $20.00
Banana - Musella lasiocarpa Unusual cool climate, deciduous ornamental banana species from China. Dramatic large golden-yellow flower head from a 1m tall stocky plant. Will survive snow. 1m 1m 8 $20.00
Bauhinia blakeana (Orchid Tree) Big purple/red orchid-like flowers March to October.. Scented. Handsome sm tree. RARE in NZ. Available late 2011. V. tricky to propagate but hardy once established. NONE AVAILABLE 3m 2m 8 $45.00
Bauhinia purpurea Pink or reddish slender orchid-like fls. Heavily-veined lvs. Hardy elegant small tree. SOLD OUT 4m 3m 12 $20.00
Red form image
Bauhinia galpinii South African red-orange flowered shrub. Low mounding form, can be sprawling if among other shrubs. Spectacular display through Autumn. Deciduous in Winter. Hardy in NZ. Available again Feb 2015 1m 1.5m 5 $20.00
Bauhinia variegata Mauve/pink, 2-tone 100mm flowers. Spectacular sm. tree. Hardy in North Island. Red and pink forms available now. 5m 3m 5 $20.00
Red form
Bauhinia variegata alba Snow white, orchid-like flowers. Sm tree. Hardy. Sold out till 2016 5m 3m 8 $20.00
Beaucarnea recurvata - Ponytail palm Mexico. Big plants 600mm now. Well-developed bases. 8yrs old. 3m   30cm $25.00
Brugmansia "Angelique" NEW RELEASE NEW from Brian Rathbone. NZ's first double pink Brugmansia. Strong pink, richly perfumed, elegant blooms. Available Sept.'16 3m 2.5m 8 $25.00
Image #2
Image 3
Brugmansia "Andy" NEW RELEASE Glossy darkest orange flowers. Perfumed. 3m 2.5m 5 $20.00
2nd image
Brugmansia aurea Pale ranslucent gold trumpets all yr. Tall growing. Handsome and hardy once established. Perfumed. 4m 2.5m 8 $20.00
Brugmansia "Butterscotch" Yellow-orange trumpets. Honey-scented. Outstanding. Continuous flowering all year. 3m 2m 8 $20.00

Brugmansia "Fairy Dancer"NEW RELEASE

Dainty white flower, perfumed and profuse. Available again March '16 3m 2m 5 $20.00
2nd image
3rd image
Brugmansia 'Charlotte' NEW double pink variety from Brian Rathbone. More sturdy and robust than 'Angelique' and handles full sun much better. Good garden specimen. 3m 2.5m 5 $25.00
Brugmansia "Kathy" New 2008. Darkest pink single in NZ. Outstanding new development from Brian Rathbone. Available now. 3m 2.5m 8 $20.00
Brugmansia "Noel's Blush" Soft pink, wide, smaller trumpets in great profusion several times per year. Delicate perfume. 3m 2.5m 8 $15.00
Brugmansia candida flora plena Creamy white double trumpets. Heavy night scent. All year. 3m 3m 8 $18.00
Brugmansia Hybrid "Vicki"

NEWLY released by Brugmansia breeder Brian Rathbone. Elegant soft pink trumpets with long up-turned awns. Flowers several times per year. Perfumed.

2.5m 2m 5 $20.00
2nd image
Brugmansia Hybrid "Ritzi" From Brian Rathbone. Medium pink, broad, well-shaped trumpets, several times per year. Perfumed. 2.5m 2m 5 $20.00

Brugmansia Hybrid "Grand Marnier"

"Grand Marnier". Salmon-apricot long trumpets. Sweet rich perfume. 3m 3m 8 $15.00
Brugmansia Hybrid "Rusty" Outstanding rich gold & orange glossy trumpets. Very large. B'scotch sdlg. Almost continuous blooming all yr. 3m 3m 8 $20.00
Image #2
Brugmansia versicolor "Ecuador Pearl" Long creamy white trumpets with long awns. Classic wild form of species. 3m 3m 8 $20.00
Brugmansia versicolor "Ecuador Pink"

Long pink sculptured trumpets.Prefers bright dappled light. A naturally occurring, wild colour variation of the normally white-flowered species.

3m 2.5m 8 $20.00
Image #2
Brugmansia hybrid "Matapouri Virgo" Very large ice-white 40cm blooms almost all year. Classic versicolor shape. Spicy, very light perfume at night.  3m  2.5m  5  $20.00
Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree. Australia. Scented cream flowers Autumn. Available again May 2014 3m 2m 18 $20.00
Caesalpinia ferrea. Leopard Tree Ferny delicate foliage. Slender elegant tree.vividly patterned bark. Dainty yellow & red flowers. Brazil. Available now. 4m 2.5m 8 $20.00
Calliandra emarginata Dainty fragile slender bush. Fls vivid pink or red. For the conservatory only. 2m 2m 8 $20.00
Image #2
Calliandra haematocephala Pink Vivid pink big powderpuff flowers from Oct to May. Ferny foliage. Mexico. 2m 2m 5 $22.00
Calliandra haematocephala White & Red forms Winter-flowering form with white powderpuffs. Bigger leaves. 1.5m 1.5m 5 $22.00
Calliandra surinamensis Perfumed pale pink powder-puff fls all summer. Tiny fine leaves. Hardy, compact rounded bush. 1.2m 1.5m 5 $15.00
Callistemon viminalis "Red Willow" Outstanding dwarf form. Weeping bog tree. Red flowers all year, tui food. Swamp tolerant. 2m 2m 5 $22.00
Callistemon viminalis Weeping red bottlebrush, slender, lush fine foliage. Swamp tolerant. Fls all yr. Tui food. 4m 2m 5 $15.00
Canna indica "warszewiczii' 'Indian Shot' plant. Intense red tiny fls. Dark burnished curled lvs. Short, hardy. 90cm   5 $10.00
Canna "America" Tall with smokey purplish leaves and blood-red flowers. 1.8m     $10.00
Canna "Australia" Outstanding leaves of darkest mahogany brown-red. Flame red flowers. 1.2m   5 $10.00
Canna edulis The edible Canna from Peru with very big juicy rhizomes, high in starch. Grown for food in the Andes and also now in Vietnam. Very tall. Beautiful foliage. Small pale flowers. 2.5m   5 $15.00
Foliage image
Canna iridiflora "Ehemannii" Close to the wild species from Mexico. Very tall. Pendant cerise fls. Very unusual. 2.5m   5 $10.00
Canna "Panache" Unusual elegant apricot and cream small flowers above smokey grey-green leaves. Outstanding landscape plant. 1m     $10.00
Canna "Semaphore" Striking hot orange shapely flowers above smokey purplish leaves 1m   5 $10.00

Capuli Cherry - Prunus salicifolia


Subtropical evergreen cherry from Mexico. Heavy crops of delicious sweet fruit early Summer. Fast growth, hardy in Northern NZ. A must for the edible garden. Not as big or luscious as Otago cherries but they thrive in the rest of NZ and fruit heavily from second year. Available. 5m 3m 5 $20.00
Carica pubescens Rainbow Valley Pawpaw Outstanding female mountain pawpaw selection by Joe Polaischer of Rainbow Valley Farm, Matakana. Sweet small fruit, few seeds; uncharacteristically delicious for a mountain pawpaw. Eat raw (skin too)or stewed, in jams, sauces or pies. Available October 2016 4m 2m   $20.00
Young plant
Carica quercifolia Oak-leafed papaya. Small sweet orange fruit Autumn. Source of papain, a meat-tenderising enzyme. Hardy as Mtn pawpaw. Dioecious.. need male & female plants.Prolific fruiting. Available September 2016 3m   5 $15.00
Image #2
Carissa grandiflora Natal Plum Dense thorny bush. Scented flowers, tasty red plum-like fruit. Glossy, handsome rounded shrub, suitable tub or rockery. Hardy for coastal wind, full sun. 1m 1m 5 $20.00
Image #2

Caryota obtusa

image 2

Giant fishtail palm from Golden triangle (Thailand/Laos) Hardy robust, fast growing. Spectacular form. Were $65.. reduced to $45.00


25m   40 $45.00
Caryota urens Toddy Palm. Fishtail palm. Fast, tall stately palm in warm parts of NZ. Available Spring 2011 onwards. 15m   8 $20.00
Casimiroa edulis (White Zapote).

Melting sweet fruit from Mexico. Hardy and delicious. Grafted. 'Pike', 'Booth', 'Mac's Golden', "Yellow", 'Millie'.


 3m 3m  8 $30.00
Chamaedorea cataractarum 'Cat palm'. Waterfall palm. Multistemmed small clumping Mexican palm for dappled shade, or almost full sun, wet or dry soil. Hardy in Auckland.10 and 12 yrs old now. 1.8m 1.5m 18


Chamaedorea microspadix Clumping slender bamboo-like palm for shady position. Orange berries Winter. 2.5m 1.5m 12 $25.00
Cherimoya Grafted named types.'Perla', 'White', 'Reretai'. 4m 4m 8 $35.00
Chorisia (Ceiba) speciosa Floss Silk Tree. Brazil. Cyclamen pink (120mm) flowers. 'Brazilian Kapok' tree. Thorny trunk. Very fast. Spectacular. Available now. 10m 4m 5 $20.00
Image #2
Colocasia esculenta 'Satoimo' Satoimo. Japanese edible taro. Very tasty, smallish, oval hairy tubers. Highly prized in Japanese cuisine. Arguably the best flavour/texture of the edible taros. Grows easily in Northern NZ vege garden conditions. Deciduous in (light)frosty areas. Very productive in hothouse in colder areas. 1m   5 $17.00
Satoimo plant
Colocasia esculenta 'Blue Hawaii' Beautifully marked new Hawaiian taro with red veins in pale blueish leaves. 1m   5 $17.00
Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava' Beautiful new Hawaiian taro, deep green leaves with white veins. 1m   5 $17.00
Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral' Inky black metallic-looking taro. Outstanding new variety from Hawaii. Tougher & bigger than Black Magic. 1m   5 17.00

Colocasia fontaynesii "Black Magic"

Dark, black/purple velvety leaves. Stunning feature plant. Needs loose drainage in NZ conditions. Very tropical. 1m   5 $17.00
Cussonia paniculata Blue-grey complex leaves in lush heads. Gnarly dramatic trunks. Outstanding small feature tree. Southern African 'Cabbage Tree'. Needs loose sandy soil and raised bed as very intolerant of wet roots in winter. 3m 2m 5 $20.00
Flowering image
Cussonia spicata Dramatic, fast-growing distinctive tree. Madagascar. Lush green pinnate leaves in large terminal heads. Massive curving trunks, gnarly bark. 6m 3m 5 $20.00
Colocasia illustris "Blue Nile" (NEW) Velvety purple/black veins. Striking, tender plant. Needs warm roots. Available Spring 2013. 1m   5 $17.00
Colocasia fallax Dwarf taro. Spreading g'cover for shade. Velvety green faintly patterned leaves. 40cm   5 $8.00
Colocasia fontaynesii Tall velvety green taro. Vigorous, soft green leaves. Edible leaves and rhizomes. 1.5m   8 $15.00
Colocasia fontaynesii variegata Variegated form. Striking yellow random patterns. Unstable. Available Spring 2015. 1.5m   8 $15.00
Colocasia esculenta "Marbled Taro" Large grey-green leaves marbled with lime between veins. Non-running form. Large edible rhizomes. 1.5m   8 $15.00
Coprosma acerosa "Hawera" Green flat dense ground cover. Adaptable. Coastal full sun. 10cm 1m 5 $7.50
Cordyline fruticosa 'Day Break' Large, vigorous, semi-hardy Cordyline with pink margins and petioles. Full sun. 2.5m   8  $25.00
Cordyline fruticosa "Black Prince" Large, vigorous tropical Cordyline with pink-splashed leaves turning purple-black when mature. Dramatic. Full sun. 9litre $45.00
Cordyline stricta glauca Hardy, erect, clumping, purple leaftips. 1.8m    8 $15.00
Cordyline neo-caledonica hybrid (NEW) Elegant form, hardy. Purple petioles, glaucous leathery leaves 1m long X 100mm wide. Sold out 2.5m   5 $15.00
Cordyline fruticosa 'Fiji' Half-hardy fruticosa hybrid. Orange-red, bold variegation. Dappled light to full sun. 2.5m   8 $25.00
9litre $45.00
Cordyline petiolaris Tall Australian Cordyline, large broad leaves with long petioles. Scarlet berries Autumn. Very hardy in North Island. 4m   8 $18.00
Image #2
Cordyline stricta (C. congesta) A collection of C. stricta cultivars from across the Pacific. Handsome & tough in NZ. 2.5m   12 $20.00
Cordyline fruticosa "Studmuffin" Broad rounded leaves. Dark green/reddish. Clumping stocky plant. 2m   8 $15.00
Citharexylum quadrangulare Jamaican Fiddlewood. Handsome small tree, glossy lvs. Highly perfumed creamy small flowers in tapering spikes, throughout warm weather. 3m 2.5m 8 $20.00
Crinum asiaticum Dramatic large lily with spidery white flowers in Summer. Shade or sun hardy.Swamp-tolerant as well as dry soils. 1m 1m 5 $20.00
Image #2
Crinum procerum 'splendens'  Newly released in NZ. Outstanding large Crinum with deep burgundy leaves & pink flowers. Highly sought after in the tropics. Grows well here in frost-free, warm, sheltered conditions.  1.2m  1m  8  $55.00
Flower image
Dombeya cacuminum Stunning fast-growing Madagascan tree with red blooms through Spring. Flowers hang in big bunches, attract insects & birds. Rare in NZ. Hardy. 6m 3m 5 $20.00
Image #2
Dombeya hybrid "Pink Cloud" "Cape Wedding Flower" Sth Africa. Soft pink massed bloom Autumn. Compact rounded bush. Hardy down to frost. Maintain size by pruning after flowering. 3m 2m 8 $17.00
Dovyalis "Tropical Apricot" (NEW)" Sour, rich-flavoured seedless fruit all year. Hardy. Handsome bushy big evergreen shrub. Outstanding new fruit. See article on "Garden Writing" page on this site. Fruits heavily as tub specimen or in open ground. Fruit at its sweetest in late summer/Autumn. 4m 4m 5 $20.00
Fruit image
Bush image
Dracaena draco Dragon Tree Dramatic accent plant. Very hardy. Big well-trunked plants. 3m   65litre $95.00
8 $20.00
Elettaria cardamomum Cardamom, the spice. Tender tropical for temperature controlled hothouse only. Pale green lvs. Flowers & edible seeds on separate leafless stems. Does not survive outdoors in NZ.. EVER! If you have been sold a so-called 'Cardamom' plant and it has scented leaves and grows outdoors, it is in fact Alpinia nutans, not cardamom. 1m 1m 5 $15.00
Erythrina X bidwillii Coral Bean. Hybrid between E. crista-gallii & E. herbacea. Vivid scarlet, 60cm long flower spikes. Hardy (anywhere in NZ) deciduous shrub to 3m. Sold out till Spring 2015 3m 2m 5 $20.00
Image #2
Erythrina crista-galli. Brazilian coral Dramatic massed red & black flowers. Stocky hardy deciduous tree. Tui food all Summer! Available again December 2015 4m 4m 8 $18.00
Erythrina speciosa (Rare in NZ) Scarlet narrow flowers, furry leaves. Brazil. Handsome tree. Tui food. Hardy & vigorous. 5m 5m 8 $18.00
Euphorbia milii Large-flowered form with bright reddish-pink flowers all year. Thorny shrub for pots outdoors or indoors. Chinese "Good Luck Plant". 50cm 50cm 9 litre $20.00
Image #2
Euphorbia pulcherrima - Poinsettia Brilliant scarlet bracts through Autumn & Winter. Semi-hardy shrub. 2m 2m 5 $15.00
Image #2
Feijoa "Triumph". Cutting-grown, large succulent fruit. 2m 2m 8 $15.00
Ficus benghalensis var. altissima Stately banyan from Himalayan foothills. Spectacular prop roots. Scary and beautiful. Eats septic tanks! 10m+ ? 12 $25.00
Ficus benghalensis Banyan. India. Multi-trunked, huge but slow in NZ. 6m ? 8 $25.00
Ficus binnendijkii

Slender strangler fig with elongated drooping lvs. Handsome and restrained. Outdoors or potted.

4m 3m 8 $20.00
2nd image
Ficus macrophylla var. columnaris Lord Howe Island Banyan. A subspecies of F. macrophylla. Magnificent large tree with aerial prop roots. Very hardy on coast. 10m 10m 5 $20.00

Ficus carica- 'Adriatic'

Edible Figs: 'Adriatic': Green skin, dark red flesh. Rich flavour. Late.

'Brunoro Black': Purple Black skin, small, red flesh, mid-late season. Rich flavour.

'Brown Turkey': Early, brown-gold skin, pale pinkish yellow sweet flesh.

'Ventura': Fat green fig, rich red flesh. Unusually hardy to cold.

3m 3m 5 $15.00
Brunoro Black
Brown Turkey
Ficus natalensis Extraordinary strangler fig from East Africa. Outstanding bonsai subject or specimen tree with aerial roots, reddish small leaves. Needs frost-free spot. 6m+ 6m+ 8 $20.00
Ficus natalensis
Ficus natalensis - bonsai

Ficus hillii

Fine-leafed weeping banyan. Hardy landscape tree in frost-free areas.. Graceful weeping form. Adapts well to pleaching and bonsai. SOLD OUT till Spring 2015 5m 3m 12 $20.00
Ficus religiosa - Bodhi Tree The fabled Bodhi or Peepul Tree. Heart-shaped pendant leaves. Sinuous aerial roots and branches. Sculptural sacred tree of the Buddhists. Seed sourced in Northern India. 5m 5m 8 $25.00
Image #2
Young nursery tree
Ficus rumphii False Bodhi tree. Handsome species very similar to F. religiosa, common throughout SE Asia. These sourced on Kho Phi Phi island off West coast of Thailand where movie 'The Beach' was filmed. 5m 5m 8 $25.00
On beach at Kho Phi Phi Leh
Ficus virens - Strangler Fig

Australian/Asian banyan. Extraordinary aerial roots, lush, exotic-looking tropical tree for warm spot or tub.


3m 3m 12 $25.00
Ficus virgata Beautiful strangler fig with aerial prop roots, glossy foliage. Queensland. Very graceful, elegant specimen tree. More hardy than F. virens. 5m 5m 8 $25.00
Ficus racemosa "Cluster Fig" Vigorous Australian/Asian banyan tree. Aerial roots, lush broad form. Clusters of edible fruit from trunk but will not fruit in NZ as pollinator wasp not present. 5m 5m 8 $25.00
Fruit image
F. racemosa bonsai
Frangipani Plumeria acutifolia. The most famous perfumed tropical flower. White with yellow centre. Needs fast drainage and dry in Winter. Will not survive loams or clay-based soil outdoors in NZ. Needs sandy or very light volcanic soil. Great tub plt. 2m 1.5m 8 $35.00
Ginger - Boesenbergia rotunda

'Chinese Keys'. 'Finger-root'. 'Krachai' in Thai.

Perennial ginger used in Thai food. Important medicinal value throughout SE Asia. Beautiful deep pink flower among lush pale green leaves.

40cm   5 $15.00
Root image
Flower image
Ginger - Alpinia nutans False or Dwarf Cardamom ginger. Not the spice! (See Elettaria cardamomum). Lush, dense, highly aromatic foliage. Brief cream & red fls occasionally. Hardy & vigorous. 1m   5 $15.00
Ginger - Alpinia nutans X A. malaccensis Hybrid Dramatic garden plant with large upright flower spikes in Summer. Very handsome foliage. Hardy in Auckland, and Northwards in minimal frost areas. 2m   8 $20.00
Ginger - Alpinia calcarata Slender elegant ginger for shade/dappled light. Beautiful upright flower panicle in Summer/Autumn. Very delicate in outdoor conditions in NZ.. best in temperature-controlled conservatory. 1.5m     $20.00
Ginger - Alpinia calcarata hybrid Dainty flower panicles through summer. Dark green narrow foliage up to 1m high. Less aggressive growth than A. nutans but hardier than A. calcarata. Very handsome plant for dappled shade. 1m   5 $20.00
Ginger - Alpinia caerulea Australian Atherton Tablelands blue ginger. Deep blue capsules after small green flowers. Leaves red underneath. Hardy. non-invasive & handsome in dappled light or full sun. Also available is the green-leafed type found throughout the rest of Eastern Australia. 1.8m   8 $15.00
Ginger - Alpinia hybrid "Pink Perfection"

A rare malaccensis hybrid with larger flowers through Summer. Rich, glossy dark foliage. Very hardy in Northern NZ conditions. Best in confined space to limit sideways spread.

Bright dappled light or full sun.

1.3m   8 $20.00

White form "White Perfection"

Ginger - Alpinia purpurata

Tropical Red Ginger. "Teuila". Samoa. Hothouse only. Grown to order.

1m   5 $20.00
Ginger - Alpinia zerumbet Shell ginger. Variegated and green forms. Cream and pink pendant terminal racemes of flowers with orange throats. Hardy. elegant. Vigorous. 1.8m   8 $20.00
Image #2
Ginger - Alpinia galanga Galangal ginger. Essential Thai spice (Kha) imparts sweet pine-needle and ginger flavour. Red & white varieties. Survives outdoors in light shade, in ground or tub but performs much better as conservatory/indoor plant during winter in NZ. 1m   5 $17.00
root image
Galangal in flower
Ginger - Costus speciosus: Crepe Ginger Dramatic spiral ginger, Malaysia. Red terminal cones, white flowers. Hardy in Northern NZ. Bright shade preferred. Deciduous. 1.5m clumping 5 $15.00
Flowering in NZ
Ginger - Costus speciosus variegata Beautiful green and white striped leaves with red spiral stems. Red cones and white fls. Deciduous. Not viable outdoors in NZ over winter.        $20.00
Image #2
Costus barbatus Spectacular tropical plant from Costa Rica. Needs loose soil, perfect shelter and bright dappled light, no frost. Flowers from Spring to early Winter. Velvety large leaves. 1m 1m 5 $20.00
C. barbatus foliage

Ginger - Costus cuspidatus -Fiery Costus

Low clumping plant with furry lvs. Bright orange fls continuously. Shade. Tender tropical for frost-free or indoors. 40cm clumping 5 $15.00
Ginger - Costus pictus Velvety clumping spiral stems & leaves. Pale yellow and bronze florets from green cones. Hardy in frost-free Auckland/North. 80cm clumping 5 $18.00
Flower image
Ginger - Costus spicatus Spiral ginger. Red slender cones, orange flowers. Conservatory only in NZ. 1m clumping 5 $15.00
Ginger- Costus spiralis. Spiral Ginger (NEW) Lush, spiralling stems. White cone flowers. Tender. Needs shade, warmth. 1m   5 $15.00
Ginger -Curcuma longa "Turmeric" The Indian spice 'Turmeric' with orange rhizomes. 90cm tall paddle leaves from November to May. Deciduous. grows outdoors in NZ with free drainage and warm rich soil in full sun or dappled light. Also very good tub plant. Orders taken any time. Delivery in early/mid Summer after leaves appear. 90cm clumping   $20.00
Turmeric root
Ginger - Curcuma petiolata "Emperor" Variegated "Hidden Ginger". Lush variegated foliage 60cm to 80cm high, with white borders in bright dappled light. Delicate creamy flower spikes through Summer hidden among foliage. Deciduous May to November. 80cm clumping 5 $20.00
flower image
Ginger - Curcuma zedoaria Zedoary or 'white turmeric'. A handsome deciduous plant with similar uses to traditional orange turmeric. Rhizomes are pale while leaves have a distinctive red streak along the midrib. Red flower spike. Easy to grow in full sun or dappled shade. 90cm clumping 8 $20.00
Zedoary flowers
Ginger - Hedychium coccineum "Pink V" Newly available fragrant, rare pink-flowered butterfly ginger. 1.5m  clumping 5 $20.00
Ginger - Hedychium 'Brian's Orange' From Brian Rathbone, a dazzling deep orange, large flower head in Autumn. 1.5m clumoing 5 $20.00
Ginger - Hedychium coccineum 'Orange Hybrid' Newly available fragrant apricot/orange-flowered ginger. 1.5m  clumping 5 $20.00
Ginger - Hedychium coronarium White ginger. Intoxicating fragrance. White flowers Autumn. A favourite. 1m  clumping 5 $10.00
Ginger - Hedychium greenii Himalayan Ginger. Flame red flowers. Hardy. Less vigorous than other Hedychium sp. 1.2m clumping 5 $10.00
Ginger - Hedychium coccineum 'Lizzie' NEW hybrid pink butterfly ginger. Strongly fragrant deep pink flowers in Autumn. Lush, foliage. Flowers produced on current season's growth. Full sun or bright dappled light. 1m clumping 5 $20.00
Ginger - Hedychium thyrsiforme Handsome white ginger with thread-like petals in Autumn. Unusual ribbed lvs. Hardy. 1.2m  clumping 5 $15.00
Ginger - Hedychium thyrsiforme 'Pink Sparks'  New salmon pink form. Flowers through Autumn.  1.2m  clumping  5  $20.00
Close-up flower
Ginger - Kaempferia rotunda

Deciduous flowering ginger. Fls from soil before lvs in late Spring. Hardy in NZ.

"Silver Diamonds" equally hardy. Both thrive in bright dappled light and loose rich soil under trees or in full sun.







Kaempferia rotunda "Silver Diamonds"
Ginger - Kaempferia pulchra Deciduous flowering "Peacock ginger". Low groundcover form. Deep shade to dappled shade. Frost-tender. Flowers lilac-pink all Spring/Summer/Autumn. Needs loose, well-drsinrd soil. 15cm 25cm 5 $15.00
Image #2
Ginger - Zingiber mioga Edible Japanese myoga ginger. Deciduous. Hardy outdoor plant in vege garden.. Edible flower buds emerge from soil late Summer/Autumn. Delicate sweet gingery flavour; delicious raw shredded in salads, stir-fried, in tempura batter and soups.. 75cm   5 $15.00
Ginger - Nicolaia elatior Pink form Torch ginger. Pink form only available. Very tall. Fls on separate leafless stems. Needs heated (20 degreesC) hothouse to flower. Hothouse only. 3m +   5 $20.00
Red form
Ginger - Zingiber officinale Edible ginger. Deciduous. Succulent, juicy rhizomes. Grow in vege garden or in hothouse. White flesh. Harvest as needed year-round once clump is well established. Loose, rich soil. 1m   5 $15.00
Flower image
Ginger - Zingiber officinale "Chinese Yellow" Edible ginger. Deciduous. Slightly different, stronger flavour with yellow flesh. Vigorous and hardy. Loose rich soil. 90cm   5 $15.00
Ginger - Zingiber zerumbet darcyii Shampoo Ginger. Bitter ginger. Variegated leaves, deciduous. Red cones in Autumn. Handsome tub plant. 80cm   8 $15.00
Ginkgo biloba Stately deciduous tree. Autumn colour. 15m 7m 8 $20.00
Guava - Thai guava (NEW) Big green/white fruit. White tangy flesh. Red leaves in Winter. Outstanding. Flavour intensifies when cooked. 2.5m 2m 8 $15.00
Guava - South African Pink flesh, yellow skin. Great form/colour. Flavour best when cooked. 2m 2m 12 $17.00
Guava - Psidium cattleyanum Red strawberry guava. Prolific, tangy red fruit. Beloved by wood pigeons as well as people. 2m 1.5m 12 $15.00
Guava - Psidium cattleyanum yellow Yellow strawberry guava. Larger, sweeter fruit. Prolific. 2m 1.5m 12 $15.00
Guava - Psidium guineense Brazilian guava. Small yellow oval fruit. Tart-sweet. Hardy to light frost. 1.5m 1.5m 5 $15.00
Heliconia angusta "Holiday" Deep red bracts, white fls. late Winter. Leathery glaucus lvs. Half-hardy outdoors, dappled light. Good tub plant. Will not flower outdoors in NZ. 1m   18 $20.00
Heliconia bourgaeana NEW IN NZ. Handsome medium to large plant, which will flower outdoors in Northern NZ in warm, bright shade with good shelter. Upright spikes of deep pink lobster-claw bracts in Summer. Available again mid Summer 2014  1.5m    8  $40.00
Heliconia latispatha Spectacular tall with red/orange upright spike. Tender, for conservatory or warm courtyard. Marginal outdoors. 2m   18 $20.00
Heliconia lingulata Large golden upright flower spikesin Summer. Outstanding broad leaves. Tender. Tub plant for warm courtyard in NZ but must come into hothouse over winter. 1.8   12 $20.00
Heliconia pendula Tall half-hardy plant. Pendulous dark red flower spike. Survives and flowers outdoors in perfect shelter, warmth and bright dappled light. 2m   12 $25.00
Heliconia psittacorum "Golden Torch" Classic gold upright spike. Slender vigorous plant. Tender tub-plant. Take indoors over Winter. 1.5m   12 $20.00
Heliconia rostrata The most famous of all Heliconias. In NZ, a tub or courtyard plant, bring inside for winter. Will not flower outdoors in NZ. 1.5m   8 20.00
Heliconia spissa (NEW) Shaggy split foliage, velvety pink & cream flowers. Good landscape species in NZ. Hardy sun/shade outdoors. Foliage is especially appealing. 1.5m   8 $20.00
Image #2
Heliconia subulata

Brilliant red and yellow upright flowers. Hardy outdoors. Semi-shade and good shelter from wind. Rather rampant unless restrained. Can take several years to flower.

Compare size difference with H. schiedeana in 3rd pic.

1.8m   8 $20.00
Image #2
Heliconia schiedeana Red & yellow large 50cm upright flower spike lasts all year. Reflexed bracts, shiny leathery tall lvs. Handsome & hardy wherever Cannas grow. Needs good wind shelter. Bright shade or full sun. The hardiest and most dramatic Heliconia in NZ. 2m   12 $25.00
Image #2
Image #3
Heliconia stricta "Dwarf Jamaican Red" The smallest Heliconia. Wine red upright crabclaw fls. Tub-plant for patio/conservatory. Tender. Indoors for winter. 50cm   5 $20.00
Image #2
Heliconia tortuosa NEWLY RELEASED IN NZ. Stunning new compact species, hardy in bright shade. Intense red upright flower spikes above handsome broad foliage. Needs good shelter and minimal frost. Available from January 2012 1m-1.5m   5 $30.00
Image #2
Heliconia tortuosa 'Yellow Twister' Golden yellow wild form of the species. Very handsome and almost as hardy as the red. 1.5m   5 $30.00
Hibiscus hybrids A spectacular selection of over 30 hardy varieties. Click on the link to see images of more varieties.     8 $17.00
Hibiscus mutabilis White large double flowers turn deep pink. Hardy small tree throughout most of NZ. 3m 2m 8 $18.00
Hibiscus schizopetalus "Spider hibiscus" 'Coral Hibiscus'. Orange lacy petals. African species. Unique. Vigorous. Frost-tender. 3m 2m 8 $18.00
Hibiscus tiliaceus - Coast Hibiscus Tropical beach tree throughout Asia and Pacific region. Yellow flowers turn orange. Hardy wherever Hibiscus grow in NZ, bushy. Flowers mid Summer/Autumn. 3m 2m 8 $15.00
Hibiscus arnottianus "Wilder's White" White, faintly scented flowers with red pistil. Native to Hawaii. Broad leaves flecked with red. Hardy. 4m 2m 8 $18.00
Hippeastrum - Amaryllis hybrids Huge dark red trumpets. Also some pure white stock. Clumps in pots. 50cm   25cm $15.00
Hymenosporum flavum Gold Nugget Dwarf form of Australian "Native Frangipani". Cushion-like form, dense, lime-green foliage. Irregular flowering. 1m 1.5m 8 $15.00
With Flowers
Hymenosporum flavum Australian Native Frangipani. Tall fast rainforest tree. Scented yellow fls attract tui. Summer. 6m 2m 8 $15.00
Hylocereus costaricensis Red Dragon Fruit..'Pitaya'. Brilliant deep red, sweet fruit with tiny black seeds grows on a scandent (climbing) vine-like cactus. Needs sustained warmth above 15 degrees to fruit in NZ. Delicious. A white-fleshed species, Hylocereus undatus, also available.     1 litre $15.00
Inga edulis - Ice Cream Bean Sweet edible pods. Handsome fast tropical tree. Umbrella form. 5m 5m 8 $15.00
Iochroma cyaneum Vivid indigo-purple tube flowers. Tui feed on nectar. 3m 1.5m 8 $18.00
Iochroma cyaneum hybrid Wine purple hybrid. Prolific & colourful. Attracts Tui for copious nectar flow. 3m 1.5m 8 $18.00
Iochroma grandiflora Sky blue, velvety trumpet flowers. Furry leaves. Sold out till late 2014 3m 1.5m 8 $18.00
Ipomoea batatas (purple fleshed kumara from Okinawa).

The famous Okinawan sweet potato; a kumara with purple flesh which is very high in anthocyanins and antioxidants. Grow exactly the same as the common kumara. This nutritious food is thought to be one of the reasons the Okinawan people live longer than anyone else. These plants are potted and growing now.

 vine   2 litre $7.00
Same tuber cooked
Iresine herbstii Vivid pink rounded lvs. Tender. 50cm 50cm 5 $5.50
Iresine lindenii Deep maroon-red pointed leaves. Tender. 50cm 50cm 5 $5.50
Jatropha curcas Small semi-succulent tree produces very high quality oil. Handsome maple-shaped lvs. Frost-tender, deciduous. From Mexico. Widely grown for oil in Africa & India. Not viable outdoors in most parts of NZ. 3m 2m 12 $20.00
Lemon Grass Aromatic Asian spice. Easy to grow outdoors if frost-free. 1m 1m 8 $10.00
Lemon Ponderosa (NEW) Giant-fruited lemon. Grown for candied peel. Prolific, vigorous & hardy. 2.5m 2m 8 $25.00
Lepidozamia peroffskyana Burrowang. Dramatic Australian cycad. Large glossy rosettes of fronds. Dappled light to full sun. 1m high now. 2.5m 2m 8 $75.00
Lime - "Kaffir Lime" Citrus hystrix. 2-lobed leaves used in Thai food. 2m 2m 5 $20.00
Lime - West Indian "Key Lime" Strong, classic lime taste. Hardy & thorny. Fruits young. Prolific. SOLD OUT 2.5m 2m 12 $22.00
Liriope muscari Grass-like Japanese shade groundcover. Purple flowers/summer. 25cm   5 $8.00
Livistona australis - Cabbage palm Stately Australian fan palm. Slender stem. Hardy. 10m   8 $25.00
Livistona decipiens Finely split cascading fan leaves. Slender, hardy, elegant. 10m   8 $25.00
Lomandra hystrix

Tall handsome Australian grass-like plant, glossy strappy leaves. Very hardy, swamp-tolerant, useful for sewerage system fields, erosion control, coastal shelter.

1.5m 1.5m 2 $10.00
Lomandra longifolia "Mat Rush" Australian broad-leafed grass-like plant. Handsome, tough. Interesting yellow flower spikes. 1m 1m 5 $10.00
Lomandra longifolia fine-leaf seedling Fine arching tussock. Bright green, hardy.No longer available. 50cm 50cm 5 $9.00
Medinilla myriantha Tender rounded tropical shrub, large pink panicles of tiny pink flowers. Best in dappled light. Phillipines/Malaysia. Available again summer 2015/16.  1m  1m 18 $20.00
Image #2
Melaleuca leucadendra Tropical swamp paperbark (sourced at Byron Bay, NSW). Graceful, weeping evergreen tree for wet or dry soils. Frost-tender when young but otherwise adaptable. Very sculptural form suitable for courtyard or patio. Nectar-rich cream/white blossom through Spring attracts tui. Rare in NZ. 4m  



Another example
Melaleuca quinquenerva

Swamp Paperbark. Native of Southern Australia. Tough, sculptured, chunky and hardy bog tree. Thrives in dry conditions too. White fls all year attract tui. Ideal to consolidate pond and stream margins. Great courtyard tree. Has never to my knowledge produced volunteer seedlings in NZ in 35 years and thousands of them sold/planted by me.

SORRY Northland Regional Council HAS BANNED SALE OF THIS SPECIES BECAUSE IT MAY ONE DAY BE A WEED. All available information worldwide shows it is only a weed in fully tropical climates, notably the Florida Everglades. The areas where it is a weed are also crocodile/alligator habitat. By the time our climate resembles Florida's, sea level will be metres higher than now & Florida won't exist. Any surviving humans won't be worrying about weeds.

5m 3m 12 $15.00
Melaleuca viridiflora Greenish white-flowered species of swamp paperbark. Sculptured, weeping form. 4m 3m 8



Red-flowered form
Melaleuca linariifolia 'Snow-in-Summer'. Beautifully sculptural small tree to about 4m or 5m in NZ. Very fine, highly aromatic foliage, papery birch-like bark, bright white fluffy flowers that look like snow in mid-summer. Adaptable, fast-growing specimen tree.Lightly perfumed. Responds well to pruning and shaping. 4m 2.5m 3.3litre $17.00
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood. Elegant deciduous swamp-tolerant Chinese conifer. Ferny delicate lvs. 14m 3m 12 $20.00
Metrosideros villosa "Spring Fire" Orange-red flowers. July-November. Silvery foliage. Lush shrub. 3m 2m 8 $18.00
Pic #2
Metrosideros villosa "Tahiti" Dwarf, blood red flowers all year if regularly dead-headed. Silvery/copper leaves. 1m 1m 5 $15.00
Monstera adansonii (syn. M. obliqua).

Dainty Monstera species, climbs trees in the subtropics. Less heavy & aggressive than deliciosa. Needs more warmth than M. deliciosa to thrive.Not really suitable for outdoors in NZ

Vine     $15.00
Morus Hybrid- 'Hick's Early' Mulberry Tasty black fruit twice p. year (March & October). Graceful fast tree. Birds love it. And kids. 6m 3m 5 $15.00
image #2
Mussaenda frondosa White 'Butterfly Bush'. Tropical shrub (Thailand) with dazzling show of white bracts all Summer/Autumn. Available by late 2014 1.5m 1.8m 8 $20.00
Muehlenbeckia astonii Divaricating round native shrub. Black stems, tiny leaves. Tough. 1m 1m 5 $12.50
Nerium oleander Dark red, dark and pale pink, white, apricot, single and double types. Available in autumn 2016 (SOON) 1.5m 1.5m 5 $18.00
Odontonema strictum Red Justicia. Herbaceous shrub. Scarlet waxy fls late Summer. Shade or sun. 1.5m 1.5m 5 $12.00

J5, Koroneiki, Leccino, Olivastro, Picual.


     5 $15.00
Koroneiki fruit
Olive Variety Notes
Olive Fact Sheet
J5 fruit
Olivastro fruit
Passiflora ligularis Sweet granadilla. Large, gold, sweet fruit. Blue flowers. Handsome vine. Long-lived. Available spring each year vine   5 $22.00
Flower image
Passiflora foetida pale mauve -flowered passionfruit with triangular furry leaves. Fruit edible, small and tasty. Available spring '15 vine   5 $17.00
Fruit image
  The Ombu Tree from South America. Strange swollen trunk, often hollow. Large, spreading, very fast-growing subtropical specimen tree. Very striking. 10m 10m+ 5 $20.00
Phytolacca dioica
Pomegranate Deciduous bush. Big red-brown skinned tangy fruit. Orange flowers. 2m 2m 5 $15.00
Philodendron selloum Dramatic, big, tropical-looking foliage. Hardy to light frost. New seed imported recently so plants available in Spring we hope. 1.5m 2.5m 5 $15.00
Philodendron erubescens (green) Climbing vine. Glossy heart-shaped and arrow-shaped lvs. Several cultivars. Grows up trees or posts in frost-free conditions.       $20.00
Philodendron erubescens rubra Red form of climbing Philodendron. Hardy outdoors in North NZ     8 $20.00
Phoenix reclinata Vigorous clumping South African date palm. Thorny. 5m 4m 8 $25.00
Phoenix roebelinii "Pygmy Date" Lush, elegant dwarf palm. Hardy, outdoor grown. 2.5m  





Phoenix rupicola Indian Cliff Date. Graceful, elegant slender. 5m   28 $45.00
Phormium "Evening Glow" The pinkest flax. Bushy, small, floppy form. Strong colour. 90cm   5 $12.00
Piper sarmentosum Daun kaduk vine. Usually sold in bunches, the leaves are used to wrap morsels of food in S.E. Asia. Also eaten raw in salads. Tender tropical for hothouse only in NZ. Often confused with betel leaf, Piper betle.     5 $20.00
Piper auritum "False Kava"

Kava-like shrub from Central America. Tender furry large lvs. Closely allied to NZ kawakawa (hence name) and true Kava. Dappled light, good shelter & drainage. Fragrant leaves used in Mexican cuisine.

1m 1m 8 $20.00
Pittosporum rhombifolium "Hollywood". Vivid orange berries, handsome sm tree. NSW. Hardy in NZ. 4m 2m 5 $15.00
Pouteria lucuma 'Lucuma' Delicious, unusual South American fruit tree. Rich yellow pulp used in smoothies, custards, drinks and sauces.Maple syrup flavour. Handsome small evergreen tree will grow and fruit wherever tamarillos survive in NZ. 3m 2.5m 5 $20.00
Ripe fruit
Russelia equisetiformis Fiery red shower of flowers most of year. Cascading plumed stems. Ideal among rocks, or cascading down a wall or tall pot. 1m 1.5m 5 $15.00
Sapium sebiferum - tallow tree China. Vivid Autumn colour, elegant sm. tree. 5m 2.5m 8 $15.00
Schizolobium parahybum Brazilian Fern Tree.Stately, tall. Ferny leaves. Gold flowers. New plants available now. Available now. 15m 5m 8 $20.00
pic #2
Schotia brachypetala Parrot Tree. Vivid red nectar-rich fls. Glossy lvs. rounded handsome small tree. Slow. Available now 2016. 3m 3m 5 $15.00
Stenocarpus sinuatus Queensland Firewheel. Glossy leaves, vivid red flowers. Available now 2016 5m 2.5m 12 $20.00
Solandra longiflora Unusual Golden Chalice species, rare in NZ. Furry leaves, creamy yellow long flowers with frilled petals. Can be kept shrubby. Sold Out     5 $20.00
Solandra maxima Cup of Gold Vine. Big scrambling vine with big golden chalice-like flowers all yr. Hardy. Available now     5 $15.00
Strelitzia nicolai

Giant Bird of Paradise. Sth Africa. Large white fls & blue spathe on short stems. Sold out now

Very large dramatic foliage plant. 1m now.

5m 2.5m 12 $22.00
40 $35.00
Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise. Orange & blue flowers. Ready in Spring 2016 1.2m 2m 8 $15.00
Strobilanthes gossypinus

Silvery furry foliage, striking compact bush. Frost-tender. Full sun. Will grow until 2023 before flowering/dying.

1m 1.2m 8 $15.00
Sugar Cane Saccharum officinarum Tall vigorous clumping cane. Sweet sap when crushed. Purple-stemmed, yellow stemmed & Maroon-red commercial forms. 3m 2m 8 $15.00
Syagrus romanzoffianum 2.5m+ now Queen Palm. Brazil. Hardy & fast. 2.5m now. 15m   12 $20.00

Syzygium jambos "Rose Apple"


Sweet rose-scented yummy fruit. Malaysia. Handsome lush tree. Hardy. Perfumed pale yellow flowers. 4m 3m 8 $18.00
Syzygium luehmannii Lilac-pink new leaves. Red fruit. Lush elegant sm tree. Young trees ready for sale. Available again now! 3m 1m 8 $18.00
2nd image
Syzygium wilsonii (NEW in NZ) Big burgundy flowers. Weeping/cascading shrub for tub or retaining wall. Red new leaves. Needs bright dappled light. Sold out till Spring 2016 1.5m 1.5m 8 $20.00
Tabebuia chrysantha Golden trumpet tree. Brazil. Striking gold flower display Spring. 4m 2m 12 $20.00
Tamarillo - yellow Pure-bred, original mild flavoured yellow tamarillo. White seed. 2.5m 2.5m  5 $10.00
Tecoma alata Yellow/bronze fragrant flowers. Shrubby form. 3m 2.5m 8 $15.00
Tecoma stans Vivid yellow fragrant flowers all year. Spectacular sm tree. 4m 2.5m 8 $15.00
Thalia dealbata "Water Canna" Elegant aquatic deciduous plant. Violet and silver flowers. Will grow in ordinary garden soil as well.. though a little smaller (1m -1.3m) 2m   8 $15.00
Thevetia peruviana Yellow Oleander. Elegant shrub for warm conditions. Soft apricot/yellow trumpet-shaped flowers all year. 1.5m 1.5m 5 $20.00
2nd image
Thunbergia grandiflora (Vine) Blue sky-flower vine. Fast. Tropical. flowers all year. Frost-tender. Available now Jan 2016     5 $20.00
Thunbergia mysorensis (Vine) Yellow/red/bronze pendulous flowers. Fast vine. Fls most of year. Sold out till Spring 2016     5 $15.00
Tibouchina alstonville Vivid purple flowers, Autumn/Winter. Shapely shrub. Available Autumn 2016 3m 2.5m 5 $22.00
Tibouchina granulosa Spectacular mauve Autumn flowers for 3 months. Small tree. Available Spring 2016 4m 3m 5 $22.00
Tibouchina granulosa rosea "Kathleen" Pink form. Flowers start several weeks earlier than mauve form. Available Summer 2015/16 4m 3m 5 $22.00
Tipuana tipu - Bolivian Rosewood Large fast umbrella-shaped tree. Gold flowers Summer. Elegant shade tree, provides bright dappled shade. 8m 8m 8 $18.00
Image #2
Image #3
Trachylospermum jasminoides Star jasmine. Perfumed white fls in Summer. Evergreen vine.     5 $10.00
Trevesia palmata - Snowflake Tree Dramatic palmate leaves, tapered trunk. Tropical (Java/Bali). Thrives in dappled light or full sun. Must be frost-free and sheltered from strong wind. Available Summer 2016 5m 2.5m 12 $18.00
Tristaniopsis laurina - WaterGum Reddish leaves. Shapely small tree. Very hardy. Bog-tolerant. 4m 3m 5 $18.00
Tupidanthus calyptrata Burmese Umbrella tree. Dramatic spreading tree. Lush shiny tropical foliage. (Also called Schefflera puekleri) 6m 5m 8 $20.00
Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm. Fast dramatic tall. 20m   8 $15.00
Xanthosoma sagittifolia Giant taro. Huge quilted grey-green leaves. HUGE! Important food crop for the Incas and today in traditional diet of Andean peoples..'malanga'. 2m +   12 $17.00
2nd image
Xanthosoma atrovirens Smaller grey-green species. Green stems. Elegant and suited to well-drained position in dappled light. 1m   5 $15.00
Xanthosoma mafaffa aurea "Lime Zinger" Golden taro. Lime yellow leaves. Needs dappled shade and warmth. 1m   8 $15.00
Xanthosoma mafaffa Giant taro or cocyam. Needs perfect shelter from wind and cold. Very striking tall plant up to 2m. 2m   8 $20.00
Xanthosoma violacea Violet taro. glaucous quilted leaves. Violet stems and undersides. Edible. 1m   5 $17.00