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Landscape Design

Landscape design is a part of our subtropical nursery business because knowledge of the growing conditions necessary for these beautiful plants and how to combine them into harmonious landscapes needs to be passed on to the client.

Usually this is done simply by walking the buyer through the garden here but sometimes an entire concept plan can create something unexpected and dramatic for our clients who seem to end up becoming our friends as well.

I have been landscaping for about twenty five years and have realised that people and their daily activities are the most important factor in creating a garden design that works.

Once the primary focus of a site is decided, it is important that the garden provides an enhancing framework for that. In many of my designs the sea or a body of water, is the main event and it is important that it remains so when the garden is established. Therefore many of the designs are deliberately low-key as far as colour goes, but provide a picture-frame through which to experience the sea and bring it closer to the living area.

In our own garden the emphasis is also obviously on the water and its influence on the quality of light in and around the house. The design focuses on creation of an atmosphere of tranquillity and mystery, a dream-like refuge from every-day busy-ness. In fact the lowest level of the house is built on wharf piles and is designed to feel like being in a boat with all the boating associations of getting away from it all.

The following are some photos of local landscapes, including our own garden, created by us over the past few years.

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