Gardening Articles by Russell Fransham

I have been writing articles on gardening, landscaping and subtropical plants for many years. Below are a few of the articles, which have appeared in Alfresco magazine which was a glossy quarterly with a fresh and offbeat approach to the house and garden theme. I also wrote for many years for Scene Magazine, a monthly Whangarei Lifestyle publication and currently am writing regularly for Weekend Gardener and New Zealand Gardener magazine.

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Bananas - Ornamental | Bauhinia | Bougainvillea | Brazilian Floss Silk Tree | Brugmansia

Calliandra | Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottle Brush) | Cherimoya | Cordyline fruticosa - Ti | Costus (spiral gingers) |
Dragon Tree
Fishtail Palms | On Fragrance | Ficus (Figs) | Flax
Gingers | Culinary Gingers | Myoga Ginger
Heliconia | Hibiscus Page - Hybrid | Hibiscus | More Hibiscus
Lomandra (Mat Rushes) | Landscaping
Melia Azederach | Melaleuca | Melaleuca quinquenervia (Swamp Paperbark)
Passiflora manicata | Philodrendron
Syzygium | Stenocarpus Sinuatus (Queensland Firewheel) | Strobilanthes gossypinus |
Tabebuia chrysantha or Golden Trumpet tree | Taro and Aroids | Tibouchina | Tropical Apricot |